Business decisions are made by people, for people. But technology has saved a lot of companies in the past few months. In today’s fast-paced world, bolstering your business plan with a digital transformation strategy is the best way to future-proof your operations. Our experts offer personalized advice and solutions to help businesses like yours develop and implement step-by-step plans for meeting their goals.

Transformation numérique - RCGT

Automate processes to improve results

Faced with an overstretched workforce that’s often working remotely, many SMEs have revised their business plans and fast-tracked their digital transformation. As long as they have the right approach, they can improve their efficiency by automating their business processes.

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Cybersécurité - RCGT VARS

Protect your client and partner data

Securing your data is essential for preventing breaches that are costly to fix and can undermine your customers’ trust. Businesses should monitor their networks’ security and have a cybersecurity plan to protect their systems from phishing scams, ransomware and other fraudulent attacks.

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Stabiliser les revenus - commerce - entreprise - RCGT

Take your business online with e-commerce and remote services

Online sales and services are here to stay and will only become more popular over time. While the shift has definitely posed a challenge for businesses that weren’t prepared for it, it has also created new opportunities and given businesses access to new customer bases.

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Teletravail santé

Improve your financial performance with integrated solutions

Given the current business climate, it makes sense to centralize and integrate your treasury and finance activities in order to better manage and optimize cash flow. What’s more, you can set yourself up for better decision-making by choosing the best technologies for your business’ specific needs.

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How to finance your transformation

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Secure funding for your digital audit and transformation plan

Did you know that the Quebec government provides financial support for Industry 4.0 audits? To be eligible, businesses must work with certified professionals to analyze their needs and develop a digital transformation plan. The government program is available to businesses in all industries.

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Finance RCGT

Stay informed of support programs and financing opportunities

Canadian business owners have been brave. We know how hard you’ve worked and we’re sensitive to the issues you face. To help you stay afloat, our experts are continually monitoring the government aid programs applicable to your industry. You can count on us to propose the right solutions for your needs.

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