With the upheaval caused by the pandemic, companies are facing common challenges, but they also have to overcome industry-specific obstacles. In order to better support organizations, our experts remain on the lookout for industry-related issues. They give an update on the situation, identifying current changes and permanent transformations to which businesses must adapt.

Normalité sectorielle - agroalimentaire

Food self-sufficiency comes through our agribusiness

The agri-food sector is expected to contribute significantly to Quebec’s economic recovery. Now is the time for farming businesses to innovate and invest.

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Travailleurs - solutions pme - rcgt

Manufacturing: how to prepare for today’s new challenges

The pandemic triggered major changes in the way manufacturers manage their operations. What are the key issues?

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Normalité sectorielle - transport et distribution

Transportation and distribution: industry challenges in times of pandemic

As a result of temporary stoppages in the local and global economies, many transportation companies in Quebec have experienced major difficulties. What have been the biggest challenges in this sector?

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Forestry: increased demand and a changing customer base

While other industries are feeling the pinch of non-essential service shutdowns, forestry has experienced setbacks but is doing well so far. However, the industry has also experienced setbacks. Some of the forestry sector’s key issues predate the crisis, but have been exacerbated by it.

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Divertissement - Nouvelle nomalité - RCGT

Entertainment and culture: an industry sent back to the drawing board

Like many economic sectors in Quebec, the entertainment and culture industry has had to reinvent itself in recent months. The crisis has highlighted the importance of culture in social wellbeing and that’s why it needs to play a major role in the economic recovery.

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Tourisme - Villes - RCGT

Tourism: recovery challenges and future prospects

Our one-of-a-kind tourism industry is being put to the test but it is very resilient. An overview of issues and solutions with Liza Frulla, General Director of the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ).

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