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Four Good Reasons to Do Business With A Consulting Firm

It’s in your organization’s best interest to hire a consulting firm to obtain the necessary tools and expertise for its activities.

Is your strategic planning process coming up in a year and you’re considering getting help with updating it? Are recruiting and retention difficulties leading you to seek solutions from the private sector? With questions like these, you should definitely turn to a consulting firm.

In addition to these specific needs, there are at least four other good reasons to do business with these firms for public sector departments, businesses, organizations and other bodies:

  • Taking advantage of the varied expertise;
  • Accelerating processes;
  • Taking advantage of an objective presence;
  • Getting external advice for authorities.

Taking advantage of varied expertise

Beyond the direct need for additional resources, using a consulting firm allows organizations to have immediate access to a wide range of expertise.

To name a few, services can include strategy, financing, human resources and technology.

A consulting firm will support you in the various facets of strategic and financial functions, in particular with regard to:

  • Strategic planning updating implementation activities;
  • Review of business model;
  • Organizational diagnostics;
  • Process optimization;
  • Change management and continuous improvement;
  • Risk management and service continuity;
  • Costing calculations;
  • Financial strategy and forecasts.

Human resource services may include the following consulting services:

  • Employer brand;
  • Attraction and retention performance;
  • Compensation policies;
  • Work climate analysis;
  • Engagement surveys;
  • Training and development activities;
  • Local or international recruiting.

As for technologies, a firm can contribute in numerous fields, in particular:

  • Digital transformation;
  • Process automation;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Diagnostics on systems in place;
  • Objective guidance in new system selection and implementation;
  • Advanced data analytics;
  • Blockchain expertise.

Accelerating processes

An organization’s leaders and employees often have to deal with several simultaneous tasks and atypical schedules. They must divide their time between necessary meetings, various operational tasks and numerous administrative obligations.

Entrusting certain assignments to an outside team makes it possible for activities to progress in parallel with other organizational activities.

If assignments are well defined, clients will receive a complete product that meets their expectations in a much shorter time frame than if the product had been designed internally, given the inevitable interruptions resulting from the complexity of the activities.

Taking advantage of an objective presence

External experts can help an organization pool various components in order to achieve its business targets.

In addition to organizational expectations, the various sectors are subject to their own internal constraints and must respect deadlines. While the variety of employee styles and personalities may represent a source of complementary skills, it can also, at times, be a source of tension. It can be difficult at times to align all needs between peers and ensure that efforts are coordinated.

However, the presence of an external expert often ensures success in carrying out cross-functional activities. The result would be stakeholders who are properly prepared for work meetings, express their points of view to a greater extent and rally more strongly towards the consensus reached.

Getting external advice for authorities

Additionally, for governance purposes, organizations must regularly produce a compliance review, audit or certification on projects, achievements or financial statements.

In parliamentary committee, with your board of directors or departmental team, these external opinions and recommendations allow management to confirm a direction and demonstrate their activities to the authorities.

Responding diligently and efficiently to your needs

In this regard, our teams’ agility, know-how and dynamism are in keeping with our desire to respond diligently and effectively to the needs of government departments, businesses and public agencies, as well as those of other public and parapublic industry entities.

Our commitment to quality is evidenced by our specialized business line for the public and parapublic industry, integrating all aspects of management, our continual compliance with the government legislative and regulatory framework, and our professionals’ ongoing training.

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