The primary mission of our public and parapublic service experts is to support the stakeholders of this industry with agility, creativity and professionalism.

Our objective: leverage our collaborative approach and strategic advice to support the implementation of public institutions’ strategic directions and decisions.

Our strategic, human, technological and financial expertise is recognized by our clients. We help you attain your objectives and carry out your projects, whether you need a diagnosis, support for expertise, advice or a plan for implementing solutions.

Our range of services includes:

  • Human resource management (engagement surveys, competency support, training and development, succession planning);
  • Strategies (strategic planning, program and policy review, business plan);
  • Risk management;
  • Organizational performance (change management, process review, organization diagnostic);
  • Digital transformation (diagnostic and IT selection and implementation support);
  • Performance measurement (budgeting, activity-based costing, management scorecards, economic spin-off studies);
  • Expert advice;
  • Assurance;
  • Tax;
  • Specialized practices, including tourism, Indigenous affairs and public and parapublic industry.

Our services apply to all ministries, government enterprises, federal and provincial public and parapublic organizations, as well as the local sector and components of the education and health sectors.

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