As a dynamic and major sector, the retail trade is currently undergoing significant changes. Creativity and a strong strategic plan are essential tools businesses must have on hand to successfully overcome their challenges.

Consumer habits are evolving. Globalization and increasing online purchases are intensifying international competition. Strategic and technological innovation is part of the solutions put forward to ensure the sustainability of businesses while taking sector transformations into consideration, such as:

  • The emerging digital revolution;
  • The need to recruit qualified employees trained for e-business and social networks;
  • The slowdown of demographic growth;
  • Pressure from Web giants;
  • Generational transfers;
  • Consumer mobility;
  • Increase in spontaneous, personalized purchases;
  • Development of large distribution networks;
  • Increased importance of cybersecurity.

It’s essential to propose facilitators for consumers who want to save time. Retail businesses must stand out and anticipate clients’ needs. Flexible planning will allow them to adjust to consumers’ changing desires.

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