The tourism sector is experiencing strong growth. In Quebec, it represents revenues of $14B, 30,000 businesses and about 400,000 direct and indirect jobs.

There are several factors impacting the sector’s development and new business models can be expected. Emerging issues require a call to action to review approaches and the culture and leisure offering:

Diversified clientele with wide-ranging tastes:

  • Evolving demographic trends;
  • Increasing citizen involvement;
  • Tourists and consumers with changeable tastes who want to try everything;

Increasing competition:

  • Decompartmentalization of the offering;
  • Multifunctional sites;
  • Globalization.

Evolving technology:

  •  Individual mobility;
  • Tools to support easier collaboration and interactions;
  • Emergence of smart cities.

Climate change:

  • Environmental impact on the type and timing of activities;
  • Need to include conservation measures.

With these new challenges as a basis, our team can help you develop efficient strategic and financial planning. They will support you every step along the way to better channel your efforts and help you implement appropriate development tools such as:

Market studies;
• Feasibility studies;
• Master plans for parks and green spaces;
• Infrastructure master plans;
• Municipal policies;
Strategic analyses.

Recognized province-wide, our professionals’ expertise is a major asset in ensuring you have a structured and innovative approach.

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