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Cybersecurity in the Coronavirus Era: More Important than Ever

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  • Guillaume Caron | Expert RCGT
    Guillaume Caron

    Chief Executive Officer VARS - Cybersecurity Risk management consulting

With the advent of COVID-19, phishing, ransomwares and social engineering attacks are on the rise.

Over the past few weeks, we have observed malicious activities and in the coming months, we will see a significant increase in the number of phishing campaigns, ransomware attacks and social engineering (malicious links, fake news, etc.) linked to the COVID-19 crisis. Indeed, malicious actors are already taking advantage of the vulnerability of companies, whose employees find themselves suddenly working from home, some without any cybersecurity controls in place.

Reducing your risks

Teleworking increases risk of incidents

Employees working from their personal or new unsecured computers could create easy entry points to the organization’s systems.

Increase in phishing campaigns

Malicious parties are taking advantage of the crisis to create all types of new schemes surrounding coronavirus. Since phishing is often the primary method used by attackers, it is imperative to protect employees’ emails against malwares and social engineering.

Exchanging sensitive data

Employees are going to rely more on emails to exchange documents and information. Without adequate protection I.e.: encryption, organizations may lose confidentiality and integrity of their data.

Implementing cybersecurity solutions adapted to your entity’s needs

Your organization can quickly benefit from integrated cybersecurity solutions, in order to minimize the negative impacts of the coronavirus situation.

Furthermore, information security awareness training will be important in the coming weeks to teach employees best practices while working remotely.

Temporary protection for (3) months

To meet the pressing needs of SMEs facing the current crisis, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and VARS are offering a three-month temporary protection that allows you to quickly improve your security posture in the current situation of COVID-19.

The solution requires no annual commitment, no equipment is needed, and installation will be done remotely.

The managed and integrated solution includes:

24/7 monitoring and advanced protection of your workstations and servers as well as temporary workstations used by remote employees.

Sophisticated email security with artificial intelligence to detect malicious URLs and attachments, and block phishing and social engineering, including identity theft, which is growing exponentially.

Tools to secure, exchange, and protect sensitive and confidential information with third parties.

Information security awareness online training to educate your employees on the risks and good practices, particularly in a teleworking context.

Access to a Virtual CISO (Chief information security officer) on demand to provide strategic guidance.

Protect your most valuable assets with the help of our dedicated experts

Contact our team today.

In addition, if you have been victim of a security incident, we invite you to immediately call the VARS emergency service at 514-949-6876 or 514-941-7829. We can help you now.

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