Section 1 – Tax System

Electronic Access to Personal Files

My Account is a secure portal offered by the CRA that allows individuals to view their personal tax information and manage their tax affairs online. Among others, it can be used to get information on tax credits and benefits (e.g., the CCB and the GTS/HST credit), view their RRSP deduction limit, sign up for direct deposit, authorize a representative and access the Auto-fill my return service (see item 2 in this section).[9] Revenu Québec has a similar service called My Account for Individuals.[10]

As a complement to the My Account service, the CRA has made two apps available for taxpayers:

  • MyCRA: provides secure access to key tax information such as the notice of assessment, tax return or refund status, RRSP deduction limit and TFSA contribution room;
  • MyBenefits CRA: allows an individual to view benefit payment dates and amounts, view the status of a CCB application, update their marital status and change information about dependent children.

9 For a complete list of services available, go to the CRA’s About my Account page.
10For detailed information on this topic, go to Revenu Québec’s My Account for Individuals page.
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