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An international project is an exciting opportunity for growth, but the scale of such an endeavour requires that you prepare for it properly. To start, it’s important to identify the potential risks, have a good understanding of the market and business environment, and establish a strong financing strategy. To secure a well thought-out plan, seek the support of experienced professionals.

  • How do I find the financing I need?
  • What are the risks associated with expanding, and how do I counter them?
  • What are the rules I need to follow?
  • Do I know this market well enough?

With a global network of experienced professionals from all backgrounds, as well as our International Business Centers (IBCs), we provide our clients with unparalleled support for their international development projects, including, among others:

  • Serving as liaison with experts from our global network with local and cross-border skills;
  • Supporting you in the strategy implementation process;
  • Coordinating your overseas activities at all deployment stages.

If you have any questions about your international activities, contact the IBC Senior Director, Valérie Verdoni.

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