Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing can be a sound tax planning tool

Transfer pricing concerns tax compliance , risk management and international tax planning , all at the same time. This is why a good understanding of the legal issues and sound management of the questions regarding transfer pricing will help develop winning strategies.

  • Maximize your after-tax earnings
  • Increase your profitability
  • Reduce your risks

Does your company hold any foreign subsidiaries? Give it a competitive edge!

Transfer Pricing | RCGT

Transfer pricing: maximize your earnings while respecting the strictest rules

If your company engages in a large number of transactions with foreign companies with which it has a non-arm’s length relationship, you cannot escape the question of transfer pricing. You must therefore be aware of the rules that govern transfer pricing and ensure that they are applied correctly.

Our experts, international tax specialists, economists and financial analysts, will propose solutions that will allow you to establish effective, solidly documented transfer pricing, in compliance with the rules in force.

Our services

Legal compliance

  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation
  • Opinions on transfer pricing
  • Intercompany agreements
  • Advance transfer pricing agreements

Tax planning tools

  • Minimization of the Group’s tax cost
  • Cost allocation agreement
  • Valuation and planning of acquisitions

Support services in case of a tax audit

  • Negotiation with the Canadian and foreign tax authorities
  • Support in case of litigation and expert testimony


  • Determination of fully competitive prices or profit margins
  • Determination of the royalty rate
  • Determination of the interest rate

Expert opinion

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