The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is one of the most popular options among business people seeking permanent resident status in Canada.

The program grants you, your spouse and your children with a permanent residency.

In operation since late 80’s, this program facilitates the immigration process for high net worth individuals who would not otherwise qualify for immigration to Canada.

Your passive investment is risk-free and guaranteed by the Quebec Government. No need to establish a business or make risky investments.

This is a quota based program with limited space so contact us now to get started at 1-800-363-3915 or fill the form below.


As a permanent resident you have the same rights as a Canadian citizen.

  • Democratic system: Full democracy with a tradition of equality and inclusiveness of all its people. Far-right and far-left politics have never been a prominent force.
  • Bilingual: English and French language are both official languages and a fundamental characteristic of the Canadian identity.
  • Health: You have the right to use the Canadian universal healthcare system at no cost.
  • COVID management: Forbes COVID safety assessment report (Sept. 2020) ranks Canada 12th (USA ranks 55th).
  • Multi-cultural: Multi-cultural destination with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and a rich history.
  • Rich in activities: Known for its various Festivals (Jazz Fest, Cirque du Soleil), International dining and nightlife.
  • Mobility: Metropolitan cities near cottages and just few hours from the USA.
  • Education: your children will immediately have the right to continue their studies and will be able to apply to any of our schools and universities.


  • Net asset value of approx. USD 1.5 million (CAD 2.0 million) or more acquired legally.
  • 2-years of suitable management experience within the past 5 years.
  • Invest approx. USD 900 000 (CAD 1.2 million) with the Quebec Government for 5-years. The investment is non-interest bearing and guaranteed by the Quebec Government. Don’t want to tie up your capital for five years, AURAY Capital offers an all-in package including pre-authorized financing and services fees for approx. USD 250 000.
  • Intent to settle in Quebec.
  • No age or language prerequisites.

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*This program is currently being revised and is anticipated to open in summer 2021. Requirements are subject to change.

AURAY Capital: Your one-stop shop

AURAY Capital is a leading investment dealer firm, authorized by the Quebec Government to act as a financial intermediary for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. Active in Canadian business immigration for over 30 years, the AURAY team has helped over 25,000 investors in their Canadian immigration projects. Our team includes former Federal and Quebec immigration officers, lawyers, immigration consultants, financial analysts, accountants and bankers. With such a unique combination of expertise and know-how in the field, AURAY can support investors in all the steps of the immigration and investment process.

AURAY Capital is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).

Grant Thornton Network

AURAY Capital is a subsidiary of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and a member of Grant Thornton International.

As such, our clients can benefit from the expertise of the Grant Thornton worldwide network (offices in over 135 countries), either in their country of origin or in Canada. Grant Thornton services include tax planning in the framework of the immigration and emigration process and can support your business projet by offering enterprise due diligence, planning of mergers and acquisitions, analysis of financing structures, business matchmaking and preparation of financial reports.

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