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Belkacem Berredjem

Belkacem Berredjem

Partner - CPA, M.Fisc



Belkacem Berredjem is a strong leader who has been with the firm since 2008. Always there to support his collaborators, he is inspiring because of his poise and ability to approach challenges calmly. When faced with an obstacle, he puts things in perspective and strives to find a solution that will benefit all parties.

His tax advice has a beneficial impact on the day-to-day activities of his clients, which he finds very satisfying. Feeling useful is a constant source of motivation for him. The bond of trust he establishes from the outset with the entrepreneurs who consult him is the basis of his long-lasting and convivial relationships with them.

Belkacem approaches each day with a philosophical outlook. A family man, he also finds time for community involvement, especially by supporting people in need.