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Marc-Antoine Laurin

Marc-Antoine Laurin

Partner - CPA, LL.M.Fisc.



Marc-Antoine Laurin’s approach focuses on transparency and integrity and he believes in the importance of building relationships of trust with his clients. He especially appreciates the opportunity to support clients during business acquisitions and to help them optimize their new tax structure.

He favours teamwork and skillfully adapts to a variety of business environments in order to grasp each set of specific issues.

He made his mark by overseeing more than 200 tax due diligence reviews and playing a central role in planning both local and cross-border transactions. He advises clients with different backgrounds who are undertaking major transactions. This includes private equity funds, venture capital funds, public and private companies as well as Québec’s largest institutional investors.

Marc-Antoine is an expert in cryptocurrency taxation who has participated in many conferences and written several articles on the topic. He has also assisted numerous cryptocurrency clients including cryptocurrency mining companies, investment funds, public companies and retail investors.