Driven by the pandemic, telework has proven to be a win-win solution for many companies. The workplace is being transformed and organizations need to consider all aspects of this new practice. Our experts can guide you in many areas such as tax, cybersecurity, health and employee engagement.

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Telework: What Expenses are Eligible in the COVID-19 Era?

Teleworking, a practice adopted by many businesses during the pandemic, has tax implications for both employers and employees. What about home office expenses for employees? As an employer, what expenses can I reimburse and what are my new compliance requirements? Here are the measurements noted by our experts.

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Five business IT security considerations

Teleworking has been introduced at high speed in many organizations that have seen the risks to their IT security increase. In order to avoid a high cost to your business and the possibility of losing your customers’ trust, it is essential to have a security plan in place to secure your data and prevent phishing and other cyber attacks.

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Teleworking from Abroad: What are the Impacts for Employers?

Teleworking has become the norm for many organizations. Some of your employees are considering this opportunity to work remotely from another country? How can this affect your organization?

Such a decision by one of your employees could result in legal, social security and tax obligations for the organization. Here are the questions you need to ask as an employer.

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Teleworking Abroad: What Are the Tax Implications for Employees?

From one day to the next, some workers around the world found themselves converting a corner of their home into a workspace. It can be expected that this new way of working will continue after the pandemic.

Some people see the resulting flexibility as a future opportunity to settle abroad while working remotely for their employer in Canada. What are the tax implications?

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Engaging offsite workers

Everyone must stay motivated for the well-being of the employees and to ensure that the business’s activities run smoothly. Here are a few recommendations to maintain a good mindset at work despite the distance.

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Knowing how to recognize the signs of a burnout

Telework offers many benefits, but it also carries risks that are too often ignored. Take precautions to avoid burnout. It is imperative to know how to detect the warning signs in order to act quickly and avoid serious health problems.

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Remote teamwork: Tips for getting it right

For many businesses, telework has been safe solution for remaining operational. But how to achieve successful teamwork in such a context? It is a common responsibility of the employer and its employees. We offer you some suggestions on how to succeed.


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Effective remote hiring during the pandemic

Welcoming a candidate with the good old-fashioned handshake is no longer standard practice. However, the recruitment process can be just as effective when done remotely. Here are a few tips for a successful video conference interview.

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Preventing health, safety and ergonomics issues

The health and safety of workers is an important concern for all organizations. In the particular context of telework, it is essential to understand the issues involved in this relatively new practice and to adapt the policies to prevent the risks.

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Working from home post-lockdown: a vested right?

It would be premature to claim that employers are now obligated to pursue telework based on the notion of vested right. However, the fact remains that telework is a well-established practice and employers who do not take up the challenge will inevitably find that their worker retention and attraction methods have fallen behind.

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