Driven by the pandemic, telework has proven to be a win-win solution for many companies. The workplace is being transformed and organizations need to consider all aspects of this new practice. Our experts can guide you in many areas such as tax, cybersecurity, health and employee engagement.

Télétravail distance travailleur RCGT

Telework is here to stay

Introducing telework on a long-term basis can be a major asset for your business’s recovery, however, proper organization is key for this new approach. There are many essential factors to consider to ensure that your business continues to operate safely and smoothly.

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Engaging offsite workers

Everyone must stay motivated for the well-being of the employees and to ensure that the business’s activities run smoothly. Here are a few recommendations to maintain a good mindset at work despite the distance.

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Working from home post-lockdown: a vested right?

It would be premature to claim that employers are now obligated to pursue telework based on the notion of vested right. However, the fact remains that telework is a well-established practice and employers who do not take up the challenge will inevitably find that their worker retention and attraction methods have fallen behind.

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Leadership Réseau - RCGT

The business leader: a guiding light

Experienced managers are used to manoeuvring through all types of situations, both expected and unexpected. However, the scope of the current crisis has created additional stress. This increased pressure is having an unprecedented impact on all aspects of a business’s organization. More than ever, entities need strong leadership to guide their teams through the uncertainties of the coming months.

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Cybersecurity, more important than ever

With the pandemic, many businesses have seen an increase in attempts at phishing and other forms of data theft, with fraudsters taking advantage of loopholes resulting from telework. It’s critical to take measures to secure your data to avoid significant expenses and the possibility of losing your customers’ trust.

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COVID, telework and taxes

Certain specific tax rules apply to employees working from home. Read this article in Protégez-vous with advice from our Tax Partner, Sarah Phaneuf (this article is published in French only).


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