André Héroux is a great visionary. Upon joining Telecon as President and CEO in 2012, he defined the company’s identity and vision for the future.

He was able to take significant risks by adopting strategies that stood out and even went against those of the competition. He led numerous acquisitions, quickly positioning Telecon, a local company at its founding, as a national leader in telecommunications network infrastructure.

Being genuine is essential. That is what allows for a good connection with your team.

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For André Héroux, all employees, regardless of the scope of their duties, are an ambassador for the company. Without them, without their know-how and commitment, nothing is possible. He applies SMART leadership, which puts the well-being of employees first:

  • Safety and health,
  • Mastery of our discipline,
  • Agility,
  • Respect and integrity,
  • Teamwork.

To support Telecon employees and show his appreciation for their work, Héroux has implemented numerous recognition programs, such as the President’s Awards, recognizing outstanding work.

A SMART leader

A graduate in business administration, Héroux has acquired extensive knowledge of the financial and operational challenges of companies facing growth and globalization challenges.

Having served in the Canadian Army as a logistics officer, he is very disciplined. When he sets himself an objective to achieve, nothing can make him deviate from his path.

A keen athlete, he plays to win, in sports and in life. As his know-how and expertise are recognized, he is the mentor of many business leaders.

Through Telecon but also on a personal basis, Héroux is very socially committed. For several years now, he has been assisting medical foundations and nursing homes, such as the Fondation santé et mieux-être Jeanne-Mance, the Verdun Hospital Fondation, the Notre-Dame Hospital Fondation and the Fondation pour le CIUSSS de l’Île de Montréal.