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Olivier-Don Truong | Expert RCGT

Olivier-Don Truong

Senior Manager, Transformation 4.0 - M.Sc.A.

Management consulting


Client satisfaction is at the heart of Olivier-Don Truong’s work. He listens to his client’s needs and makes sure he understands the real issues and problems related to their business processes. This crucial step helps him define the technological solutions best suited to the predetermined objectives.

To obtain results that meet the client’s expectations, Olivier-Don calls on his team’s expertise, which is essential for enriching the vision, processes and solutions.

Olivier-Don Truong has developed his manufacturing expertise over the years in various regulated industries.

He is passionate about continuous improvement through technology integration. His approach is structured and his long-term vision, sharp. He has gained a great deal of on-site experience and he continues to develop it for the benefit of his clients and his team.