24 May 2017
Pier-Paul Belzil-Lacasse
Lead Senior Director | CPA, CA, CIRP, LIT | Recovery and reorganization

Professional advice is always welcome for improving your personal finance management. In connection with his regular segment on Radio-Canada radio, Pier-Paul Belzil-Lacasse, Lead Senior Manager in Turnaround and Licensed Insolvency Trustee at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, shares a series of practical tips.

Personal finances during separation

A couple’s separation can have a serious impact on personal finances. Here are some points to take into consideration to avoid nasty surprises in the months following a separation. Listen to the radio segment Conseil financier : l’impact d’une séparation sur les finances personnelles (Finance tip: The impact separation has on personal finances) on Radio-Canada’s website (in French only).

Young people in debt

Debt also affects young adults aged 34 years old and under. A lack of practical knowledge about the impact of financial choices (how interest rates work, the cost of a house and types of investments), overconfidence, as well as easy access to credit, are among the factors related to this problem. Listen to the radio segment Conseil financier : éviter l’endettement chez les jeunes  (Finance tip: Help young people stay out of debt).

Buying a home is not always an investment

Some people say that it’s better to buy a house than rent. This is not always true. Numerous expenses and the real estate situation need to be considered in the calculations. Listen to the radio segment Conseil financier : l’achat d’une maison (Finance tip: Buying a home).

The ABCs of starting your own business

Before starting a business, you need to choose the type of business that suits your project. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed, a registered business or corporation? You can clarify this issue by listening to this radio segment Conseil financier : futurs entrepreneurs, quels sont vos choix?  (Finance tip: Future entrepreneurs, what are your options?).

Can bankruptcy free us from all of our debt?

In a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, certain debts must still be honoured. Taxes, alimony, court decisions? Which have to be paid? Listen to the radio segment Conseil financier :  dettes libérables/non-libérables en matière d’insolvabilité (Finance tip: Dischargeable/non-dischargeable debt in insolvency).

Is it better to lease or purchase a vehicle?

In general, while it might be better to purchase your vehicle, sometimes leasing is a better choice for some people. What should you take into consideration when making this decision? Listen to the radio segment Le conseil financier de la semaine : acheter ou louer  (Finance tip for the week: Lease or Purchase?).

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