All of the events we have seen in recent months are shaking up our society. Certain pre-pandemic trends have gained momentum. We know that local businesses have shown tremendous resilience in being quick to adapt to new standards and changing client needs.

It takes a great deal of energy and creativity to turn constraints into new opportunities. In an effort to always offer you the best support, our experts are keeping a close eye on the latest developments and the issues facing the industries. They can recommend the best strategies for optimizing your operations, consolidating your finances and helping you capitalize on your clients’ changing lifestyle and consumption habits.

You can rely on our teams to continually provide you with up-to-date information so you can make the most out of the tools in place to revive the economy and boost innovative companies.

Your needs are our concern

Finance RCGT

Business financing and treasury management

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of cash flow management, having sufficient liquidity and optimizing your financial performance for the sustainability of your business. Our teams provide you with practical advice and relevant information to help you reach your goals.

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Cybersecurity, more important than ever

Phishing, ransomwares and social engineering attacks have increased in recent weeks, with fraudsters taking advantage of loopholes caused by telework, among other things. To avoid high costs to your business and losing your clients’ trust, it is essential to secure your data and implement a cybersecurity plan.

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Télétravail - RCGT

Telework: How to tackle it calmly

As the new daily routine for many workers, telework has proven to be a winning solution for many companies, but it comes with its own challenges. The practice must be considered from all angles in order to get the most out of it. Taxation, cybersecurity, health and workforce engagement are among the topics our experts will discuss to better guide you.

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Infonuagique - Technologie

Digital transformation: Short- and long-term solution

Online sales, financial optimization, procurement chain efficiency… Many aspects of a company’s activities will find a solution to their new challenges in technological evolution. To minimize the drawbacks associated with the pandemic and emerge from it in a position of strength, organizations need to assess their digital capacity and consider a gradual transformation, taking into account their needs and resources.

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Enjeux sectoriels d'entreprise - RCGT

Industry issues

In order to better support organizations, our experts remain on the lookout for industry-related issues. They give an update on the situation, identifying current changes and permanent transformations to which businesses must adapt.

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Fusions-acquisitions RCGT

M&A: due diligence during the pandemic

Due diligence is an essential step in the process of purchasing a business and there are a number of pandemic-related considerations. All established transactional paradigms, such as market-recognized valuation multiples, historical profitability and all other performance measures, need to be reviewed.

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Stabiliser les revenus - commerce - entreprise - RCGT

Doing business differently: Online sales and remote services

E-commerce is one of the trends that has grown exponentially during the pandemic and is becoming a mainstay for many businesses’ operations. They must take this opportunity to reorient their strategy and equip themselves to meet their new online sales and remote service objectives.

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Achat local - RCGT

Buying local, a key element of the new economy

Among the new trends that are here to stay, buying local is an important element to consider. In order to shine the spotlight on local businesses and provide them with the means to implement new business strategies and undertake the necessary shift to ensure their sustainability, our firm has integrated the movement and is taking an enlightened look at the issues to be targeted.

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