Section 12 – Social Programs and Benefits

Occupational Health and Safety


Every business, including a self-employed worker, having an establishment in Quebec and at least one full or part-time employee, must be registered for the CNESST as an employer and file an annual payroll return. When the CNESST receives the information, it bills the employer based on one of three rate systems20.

Employers pay their insurance premium based on salaries paid and the CNESST has made arrangements with the ARQ for collecting the periodic payments.

20 For additional information (available in French only):


Most Ontario-based employers must register with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board within 10 days following the hire of their first full- or part-time employee. The premiums are collected on the insurable payroll of the targeted employers. 

New Brunswick

Employers who have three employees or more (25 employees in the fishing industry) are required to register with WorkSafety NB, which collects premiums according to the insurable payroll.

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