With nearly forty years of experience, Guy Lemieux, a young-at-heart and friendly go-getter, is appreciated by his clients and colleagues with whom he is always happy to share his wealth of expert knowledge. Guy Lemieux is proud to pursue his career in tax after many years as a certification quality controller for the region.

It was Mr. Gérard Lavoie, well-known and respected founder of the Matane office, who in 1978 first spotted and hired the outstanding potential of Guy Lemieux, then a young accounting graduate.

Alpine ski fanatic, Guy Lemieux often went skiing with the close family of Mr. Lavoie, leisure and competitive skiers. Ski instructor and coach since his teenage years, he became certified as a senior instructor by the Canadian Ski instructors Alliance at just 15 years old, requiring an exception to be granted from Ski Canada due to his young age.